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Worth knowing

Immediately after activation, the WP Booking Panel plugin automatically creates the Appointment booking and My bookings pages. From the WordPress admin side, they look empty. But do not delete them in any case, because the first one will automatically publish a gallery of your services for booking appointments, and the other will serve as a login page for clients and employees.

Get started

In order to start working with the plugin, you need to enter your license key. The key should be received by email along with link for downloading the archive of plugin files.

Please note that the key is valid only for the domain name that you entered in the form on the website WP Booking Panel


To get the most out of the plugin you need to configure it accordingly.

Administrator email

Notifications about new orders, booking confirmations, etc. will be sent to this address. By default, the address of the site administrator will be used. But if in your business the site administrator and the business administrator are different people, then it will be more expedient for you to change this email address so that important information goes directly to the appropriate person.

Address of service provision

Depending on your business model, you'll need to configure your service provision address by selecting one of three possible options.

WP Booking plugin
Address of service provision

The specified address will be automatically added to the email messages to your customers about the booking details.

Automatic email notifications

Automatic email notifications

To ensure that automatic email messages from your website are always delivered to the addressee, the plugin provides simple integration with a third-party email delivery service Sendgrid. Just specify the API key that you will receive in your account on the Sendgrid website. Already in the free tariff plan you will have 100 sent messages per day.

If your site already has automatic email delivery set up, just leave this field blank and the plugin will use the native WordPress wp_mail() function.

SMS Reminders

SMS Reminders

To prevent your client from accidentally forgetting about the booked visit, the plugin can send a reminder via SMS at the time you set up. To enable this feature, you need an account on the Twilio service, as well as to set up a daily cron task (for a non-specialist it may seem something very complicated, but in fact it is very simple).

Sending SMS is a paid option, for each SMS sent Twilio will charge a small fee according to the country. We estimate that on average, just one booking saved in this way can cover the annual cost of all SMS messages.

Accepting Payments Online

Accepting Payments Online

WP Booking Panel allows you to easily enable accepting online payments for your services by payment cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay using Stripe payment processing platform.

The plugin supports both live and test payment modes. That is, you can first check the payment settings in test mode, and if everything is in order - start accepting real payments.

To do this, you just need to enter the appropriate keys that you will receive in your Stripe account. The list of countries where Stripe is available can be found here -

If you practice receiving partial or full advance payment for your services, you can set this up very easily in the same section.

It is worth knowing that the administrator has the ability to mark the received payment for the order in manual mode, even if online payments are not configured.



The plugin provides the ability to edit the data and work schedule of any employee, temporarily or permanently block the possibility of booking this particular employee when placing an order by customers.

Working schedule for online booking

After adding the first employee, you will be able to configure his working schedule, i.e. specify the beginning and end of the working day, days off, lunch break if necessary.

When adding a new employee, the plugin creates an employee account so that the personal work schedule of bookings is always in his smartphone. Login details are sent automatically to the email address of the respective employee.

Service Reservation Plugin for WordPress

If it is important for your customers to be able to choose a specific service performer when making a booking, check the corresponding box. Then your client will be able to see free dates for booking of all employees who perform this service. Including the specific employee to whom he is accustomed. This option is important, for example, for beauty salons or clinics.

Parameter templates

Does the price of your services depend on certain parameters? And would you like the price for such a service to be calculated on the fly right on the site when making a booking?

Online booking for cleaning company

The WP Booking Panel plugin has this feature. You can create the required number of parameters templates for different types of services. When adding or editing the price of a service, there is an option "Price with parameters", by selecting which you can specify the amount by which the price will increase when the customer selects a certain option. Thus, the price for the order is dynamically calculated.

A template of parameters for calculating the price of house cleaning services is already included.

Promo codes

The use of promotional codes is one type of effective sales promotion.

Promo codes Wordpress plugin

In the WP Booking Panel plugin, you can set up any number of promo codes for both a percentage discount and a discount for a certain specific amount. The promo code will dynamically reduce the amount of the service booking for the customer who enters the promo code when placing the order.



After activating the plugin you will have two preset categories "Category 1" and "Category 2". Change their names to the ones you need. You can also add any number of new categories or delete unnecessary ones.



To boost sales, you can apply promotions for certain services. In this case, it is a reduction in the base price of the service by a specified percentage, which is valid for the period of time you choose. Such a service gets a red badge with a percentage discount, which will be shown to your customers during the promotion period.

Adding and editing promotions is related to services, so it is possible when manipulating a particular service. The discount is applied only to the base price. Therefore, if you use a price with parameters, the discount is not applied to the added value of the option when the customer chooses this option.


Filters and search

You can find the required order by customer's name or surname, order number.

You can also filter orders for a certain period, by booking status, by category, by specific service, by employee and payment status. You can use one filter, several filters or all of them at once.


The WP Booking Panel plugin uses two types of statuses, the booking status for a specific service (which can be part of an order) and the payment status for an order (which can contain several service bookings). For convenience, booking statuses are labeled with colors.

Booking statuses
  • New Bookings with this status block the selected time for other bookings
  • Pending This booking is pending confirmation from the assigned employee that the service can be performed
  • Approved It is used to confirm the booking to all interested parties (client, assigned employee, administrator)
  • Completed It is marked by the employee and, when online payments are enabled, sends a message to the customer about the possibility of tipping online for a job well done
  • Cancelled A canceled booking by a client or administrator frees up the selected time for other bookings
Order payment statuses
  • Unpaid: No payment was received for this order.
  • Partly paid: The order is partially paid (marked automatically when online payments are enabled and a deposit is required, or marked by the administrator manually)
  • Paid: The order is fully paid (marked automatically if online payments are enabled or marked manually by the administrator)
  • Cancelled: The order was canceled by the customer or administrator
  • Requested refund: A customer has requested a refund of payment for an order
  • Partly refunded: The request for a refund was partially fulfilled
  • Refunded: The request for a refund was fulfilled in full


Employee assignment

Employee assignment

Simply drag a booking that does not have an assigned performer to the row of the corresponding employee with the mouse and approve the action by clicking the green button.

One-employee company calendar

If you are that one employee, it will be more convenient for you to use your WordPress admin account instead of your employee account - and right on your smartphone.

A new booking made by an online customer requires approval
The booking made by you immediately gets the status "Approved"

opens the booking management card

changes the status to "Completed" and sends an email to the client about the possibility to thank with a tip for a job well done (if online payments are activated)


This section is mainly used for quick access to your customer contacts.


Adding a new customer

When you add a new client, an account will be created for them, where all their bookings will be displayed. Access data will be sent to the client by e-mail automatically.

For new customers who book your services online, accounts are created automatically.

Editing a customer

You can edit all customer contact details except for the email address.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country code
  • Phone

Export to CSV

With WP Booking Panel, you can export your customer database to a CSV file. In this case, the phone numbers will be immediately in the international format required for SMS campaigns.

Employee schedule

Each of your employees will receive a special account and will always be able to see their bookings on their own smartphone. Access data to the account is automatically sent to the employee when a new employee is added by the administrator in the Settings > Employees section.

In their account, the employee sees their current schedule by default, as well as the number of bookings for the next 7 days, which are shown on colored badges on the corresponding dates. Approved bookings are marked in green. Those bookings that require an employee to accept them are marked in orange. To see the schedule on a particular date, you just need to click on it.

opens basic information about the booking

changes the status to "Completed" and sends an email to the client about the possibility to thank with a tip for a job well done (if online payments are activated)

is used to decline the execution of the booked service, after which the booking is transferred to the "Not assigned" category and receives the "New" status

opens a blocked day for bookings

Booking services

Most customers will book your services online using their mobile devices. The WP Booking Panel plugin provides customers with a simple and intuitive booking process on both desktops and smartphones.

Making a booking

Depending on the date and employee selected, customers see the available appointments. You can add several services to the same order, use a promotional code for a discount, and the price of the order will be recalculated automatically. When a client makes a booking for the first time, an account will be created for him/her, and he/she will be authorized to it immediately after placing the order.

All repeat orders by logged-in customers will be made without the need to re-enter their data.

Payment for services online

If online payments are activated on your side, the client can pay for the booked services with a payment card, Apple Pay or Google Pay in his account.

It is worth knowing that the administrator has the ability to mark the received payment for the order in manual mode, even if online payments are not configured.

Paying tips online

In their accounts, customers have the opportunity to thank you with a tip for a job well done.

The customer will receive an email notification about this possibility as soon as the employee marks the booked service as "Completed".

Gift Cards

The bottom line is that your booking system site automatically creates, numbers, accepts payments, prepares for download, and emails gift cards in PDF format. And you don't have to pay printing and design costs anymore.

The button for ordering a gift card is set with the same short code as the button for an appointment booking. If you need to disable the gift card order button for a particular service, in the editing of the corresponding service, select the "Disable gift cards for the service" option in the "Validity of gift cards" settings.


SMS Reminders

Where can I get my Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token, and my Twilio phone number?

You can get this information in your account as shown by the arrows in the screenshot below.

SMS Reminders

How do I set up a daily cron job?

We suggest using the free service Create an account and click the "CREATE CRONJOB" button. Then simply paste the link from the corresponding section of the WP Booking Panel plugin settings into the URL field. Carefully configure the execution schedule, preferably as shown below.

SMS Reminders

Automatic email notifications

How do I get the Sendgrid API key?

In your account in Sendgrid, in the Settings > API Keys section, click the Create API key button and copy. A specific feature of Sendgrid is that the key will be displayed only once.

How do I get the Sendgrid API key?

Accepting Payments Online

Where can I get my Stripe secret key?

In your account in the Stripe as shown by the arrows. After activating your account for accepting payments in the live mode, add the live key in the WP Booking Panel settings and turn off the test mode.

Accepting Payments Online
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